Pistons’ Draft Luck Finally Turns

Associated Press

I don’t claim to be a basketball junkie, but I was more than a little bit interested in the 2011 NBA Draft, if only because there were so many unknowns, that even I was able to make sense of something.

For instance, when the Utah Jazz, a team that needs a point guard, took Enes Kanter with the third pick, I started to wonder if Brandon Knight would fall to the Detroit Pistons at eight,  so I started looking ahead to see what team needs were for the teams with picks 4 thru 7:

Cleveland Cavliers: No way they take Knight after drafting Kyrie Irving.

Toronto Raptors: I have no idea what they need, but maybe they think that Calderon guy is a serviceable point guard?

Washington Wizards: John Wall. Let’s move on.

Sacramento Kings: They have Tyreke Evans, so they probably won’t take another point.

As luck would have it, Knight fell into our laps.

Like I said, I’m not a basketball junkie, but even I can appreciate the need for a point guard. Rodney Stuckey doesn’t fit the mold.

Last night, the Pistons may have lucked their way into a player who can change this team’s fortunes.

Even a casual basketball fan can see that.

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