Ding Dong, the Twins are Dead!

With 54 games under their belt, I think know is an ideal time to declare the Minnesota Twins dead. At 20 games under .500, as Michael Rosenberg states in today’s column, they would have to go 64-44 the rest of the way just to finish .500.

I’m not going to say with 100 percent certainty that they can’t go on a tear, or that the rest of the division won’t go into some sort of mysterious funk that allows the Twins to get back in the race (that stuff always seems to happen to them). But as a Tigers fan that has had to endure the pesky Twins and their late-season performances for the past nine years, I really think we can count them out in 2011.

In today’s standings, they find themselves 16.5 games behind the Cleveland Indians — again: 16.5 — and 12 games out of the Wild Card.

Even if they were to make up four games per month (or, one game per week) the rest of the way, they would still fall short of winning the division. (The Indians seem like an easier team to overtake than the Red Sox or Rays.)

In short, I’m having a hard time finding a legitimate reason that shows me how they can come back, save for the fact that they are the Minnesota Twins.

Maybe, that is reason enough.

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